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Latlng: (43.920425, -79.450994)

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Richmond Hill

40 Harris 'Gas Leak Mansion'

Discovered by canucks747
Created Jan 08 2019
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 15794

the 4th of the homes to be demolished for development.

4000 sq ft, built in 1997.

it really is a shame a large 22 year old house will soon bite the dust, just so a condo can be built.

the highlight of this house is the staircase, absolutely stunning staircase, very nice kitchen too. as well as stunning floors throughout the home. the basement is completely unfinished.

you will notice the home has the smell of natural gas throughout the entire place.

Latlng: (43.920425, -79.450994)


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Motleykiwi This is the second one that has been demoed. Three houses remain but probably not for long.

Dec 11 2019

chelseadclxvi Way to go, maple xD

Apr 04 2019

canucks747 so there's no longer access...?

Apr 02 2019

maple The front door was unlocked when I went BUT ..... the lock is rigged. If you lock the door once in the house, you CANNOT unlock it and since most of the bottom windows are boarded, it was not easy getting out. Good thing I'm small and thats all I'm going to say!

Mar 30 2019

steve_h93 This place looked pretty cool from the outside, but as of Today theres no POE

Mar 24 2019