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Renfrew County

Al Capone Cottage- Quadeville

Renfrew County, Ontario

Location Owner clay70
Creation Date Aug 21 2010
Status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
Location Renfrew County, Ontario
Site number #1884
Site Access Level Level 3

Al Capone, the infamous criminal, needed refuge from the law and so he had cottages in far out places built around Canada and the USA. One of these locations was 2 kms north of the village of Quadeville on the Letterkenny Rd, south of the ghost town of Letterkenny. He and his gang did hang out here for some time in the early 1940's. Old folks from Quadeville have told stories about seeing him around town. The large cottage has many rooms and from these rooms 3 underground tunnels were dug so that if the law showed up they could make their escape back into the bush. These have since collapsed I am told, but u can see the basement shots of the shafts in bluenorth(a)s photos. Lumber was supplied by a local man who was never paid. One day he decided to drive 1000(a)s of miles down to the USA and confront Capone(a)s gang to get his money. Someone there simply told him that if he valued his life he had better go home. He did!! Inside the cottage one room has strange remains of what looks like a torture chamber set-up of some kind. There is actually more than just the cottage on this property. There is also a strange wooden structure to the right in the forest that looks like it was part of the tunnel system or may have been a moonshine distillery. Also included here are 2 photos of the abandoned hotels/taverns in Quadeville and the DIRTY car!!

Latlng: (45.328194, -77.396086)


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avatar of charlemagne
charlemagne To echo others, be extremely careful of where you place your feet. What a find.
Oct 03 2017
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Apparently the current owner has posted No Trespassing signs, after a couple of folks have hurt themselves inside the cabin, falling through the rotting floors. Be Careful.
Jul 09 2017
avatar of liz89
liz89 I've been here a handful of times. It is very neat. It is boarded up but you can climb in through the back window. Watch for glass!
Feb 27 2017
avatar of Filthy_Feed
Filthy_Feed So within the last month 2 men have fallen threw the floor and one seriously injured. They have now boarded the place up, upon inspection looks like they may have walked over top of an old basement hatch that was rotten and fallen through, either way its very dangerous and there's no cell service if you hurt yourself.. so be careful!
Aug 30 2014
avatar of jon
jon To access this place, is it a long narrow driveway that runs upwards turning right as your going up?
Apr 14 2013
avatar of D Explore
D Explore This is a great piece of history. Not too far from my cottage either. Will hit it up in the spring:)
Dec 07 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Cool place....the infamous cabin
Aug 08 2012
avatar of Ian85
Ian85 Visited this place today. There was a couple there taking pictures. Highly vandalised.
Aug 07 2012
avatar of Mydea
Mydea What a great find Clay, I had no idea this place existed! Thanks for providing some in-depth history!
Mar 30 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer This is one huge log cabin, Al Capone must have done well in his "business".
Aug 20 2011
avatar of motleyslayer
motleyslayer looks like an interesting place to go
Oct 11 2010
avatar of clay70
clay70 Finally someone notices..geesh!!hehe
Aug 24 2010
avatar of spydrgyrl
spydrgyrl Ha ha! That car shot is funny! :)
Aug 23 2010