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Latlng: (43.419468, -80.105032)

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Now I Know

User ishootthings
Date Mar 15 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Railway
City Puslinch, Ontario
Location # 16523
Now I Know  - IMG_5566.jpg
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Fletchers Creek.

Now I Know  - IMG_5590.jpg
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Moar creek.

Now I Know  - IMG_5592.jpg
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You can just barely see the rail.

Now I Know  - IMG_5593.jpg
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That metal helped greatly in climbing,

Now I Know  - IMG_5594.jpg
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Awkward angle. Public path wraps around these ruins.

Now I Know  - IMG_5596.jpg
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Many concrete "towers".

Now I Know  - IMG_5597.jpg
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Can just barely see the rails in this picture too.

Now I Know  - IMG_5598.jpg
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A good chunk but not the whole scene.

Now I Know  - IMG_5599.jpg
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Across the quarry.

Now I Know  - IMG_5600.jpg
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Boardwalk in the distance.

Now I Know  - IMG_5605.jpg
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Just about the whole quarry.

Now I Know  - IMG_5606.jpg
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Taken from far side of boardwalk.