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Prince Edward County

Main Duck Island

Discovered by tripper_dave
Created Dec 28 2009
Recent status Historic Location
Category Ghost Town
City Prince Edward County, Ontario
Location # 1025

Long a favourite of Lake Ontario sailors, Main Duck Island marks the eastern end of the Lake. Its lighthouse has been an important navigational aid for lakers for years. The island was once a bustling shipbuilding and fishing community. That gave way to a casino and other entrepreneurial activities of the 1930's. It was eventually purchased by US politician John Foster Dulles who used is as his private cottage. Whe he passed away, the island came on the market and sailors mounted a vigourous "Save Main Duck Island" campaign which was succesful in that the island was purchased by the federal government and is now managed as part of the 1000 Islands National Park. It receives very little maintenance, there is a small, derelict dock and an equally derelict outhouse. There is info from the feds here There is also an interesting article on the island here: There are two sites of interest. the first is a cluster of buildings around Schoolhouse Bay where the dock is and the only safe harbour on the island. The buildings include some fascinating stone ruins that remind one of crofter(a)s cottages in the Scottish Highlands and a large cement Ice House left over from the last active fishery. If you follow the road around the end of the bay and continue on to the far end of the island you come to the second site of interest, The first thing you see is the large, intact Lighthouse Keepers house, a large red and white two-story duplex that is still largely intact, though the elements are taking their toll, aided by vandals. Continue down the path and you come to the lighthouse itself, a very impressive structure that is still active, though automated, and very well fenced. Offshore you can see the remains of a shipwreck on the shoals. For information on upcoming tours, contact

Latlng: (43.929797, -76.624146)


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Unknown User yeah, I read about it too, Ben Kerr's hideout! Main Duck was a very busy spot in the '20's
Aug 20 2012
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itsme awesome!! read about main duck island when i was reading a lot about Ben Kerr and rumrunners.. would love to go there and check it out
Aug 17 2011