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Latlng: (44.213079, -78.388485)

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Peterborough County

Kawartha Downs Speedway House


Discovered by TWP
Created Jan 28 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Peterborough County, Ontario
Location # 3978

"This little bungalow, with it's in ground pool and barn, is kiddie corner to the slot machines and horse race track of the Kawartha Downs Speedway in Cavan, Ontario. The plastic lining in the ceiling is exposed and bulging with dirty rain water, ready to burst. The pool out back is also home to a rain water pond, and evergreen trees are encroaching on the diving board. The barn is littered with the previous residents possessions, which are also scattered about the property. The rear portion of the house appears to have been either stripped, or was in the midst of renovations at the time of abandonment. From the road, the TV antenna and the tire swing blowing in the wind are the only things that indicate a house even remains on this property, hidden behind the overgrown trees and shrubs that are swallowing the house whole at the end of a long driveway."

-jerm IX

Latlng: (44.213079, -78.388485)


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ktolfree Demolished as of yesterday

Sep 29 2019

Mydea I bounce back and fourth between Luminance HDR ( Picturenaut ( both are open source so you can download and use for free. Picturenaut is a bit easier to get the hang of but has limited tone mapping ability and Luminance has alot of potential but but takes some time to get the hang of.

Sep 03 2012

quiksilver what program are you using to do your hdr?

Sep 03 2012

clay70 Fraserville is in Peterborough County :) nice place indeed.

Sep 03 2012

mobileworks what kind of phone is that? lol.

Jan 28 2012