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Peterborough County

Don't Give up Hope Mill

Discovered by clay70
Created Aug 06 2013
Recent status Historic Location
Category Mill/Foundry
City Peterborough County, Ontario
Location # 9332

Back in 1834 (or 1836 depending on other sources) the Lang family dammed up the Indian River and started erecting a planing mill. They lived upstairs and must have froze during winter months since there was no insulation and it only a wood stove to keep the family or 10 semi-warm. It originally had a water wheel that was powered by rushing water pushing it from underneath not overtop.. Later in the century Lang's step son (last name Hope) took over operations. It then became a huge saw mill and new parts and mechanizations were installed, though still powered by water flow. The mill sat vacant for many years in the late 1900's and began collapsing. Thanks to efforts of the locals and aid from GE the mill was refurbished and restored. Today, a group of men run/give tours of the mill. Most of them are in their 80's and have millwright or carpentry experience. The mill has many of its original parts and cuts wood once again. They all wear t-shirts with the date 1835 on them..This is to average out the discrepancy of whether the mill was built in 1834 or 1836. A Mr. Sharpe donated many of his pioneer tools to the mill's upstairs museum-type atmosphere.

Latlng: (44.283533, -78.173588)


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avatar of clay70
clay70 Feel free to share your story jerm IX here or in private message..sounds like a good, laughable story :)
Aug 08 2013
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clay70 it sat abandoned for decades until not too long ago. The sides were caving in and the floorboards were all rotten. The raccoons owned the place. Its a good re-purposed location
Aug 08 2013
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timo explorer Good one Clay.
Aug 07 2013