Latlng: (44.538886, -77.78991)

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Peterborough County

Cordova Mines

Discovered by clay70
Created Sep 26 2009
Recent status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
City Peterborough County, Ontario
Location # 870

Cordova Mines is a semi-ghost town in Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Township of Peterborough County just at the border with Hastings County, NE of Havelock. It was one of Ontario(a)s goldrush boom towns circa 1892. In 1866, prospector Marcus Powell, found a cave lined with gold. This was at the boomtown of Eldorado, to the east. The deposits dwindled fast after the mines were built. But between 1892-1917, 2 gold mines were set-up near Cordova as new mining technologies were put in place. Iron was mined here as well, but not on the same level as that at Marmora and Blairton. By 1940 mining stopped in the area and a small townsite near the mine was removed, as well as a boarding house and pool hall. Some of the homes in the actual town do remain as well as the general store and 2 churches.

Latlng: (44.538886, -77.78991)


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