Latlng: (44.532637, -78.207079)

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Peterborough County

Burleigh Falls on 28

Discovered by clay70
Created Oct 03 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Peterborough County, Ontario
Location # 2011

This old wooden pioneer home is where they filmed "Cheaper By the Dozen 2"..Its been boarded up for years now and I am surprised nobody has added it to the site yet since its quite well known and so accessible. Enjoy!!

Latlng: (44.532637, -78.207079)


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avatar of bucksawboy
bucksawboy This house was demolished last fall. Nothing but a flat lot.
May 18 2017
avatar of wyotee
wyotee This house has been boarded up for as long as I can remember. We drove by each weekend on the way to our cottage. I think I started paying attention to it since the late 60's. I always wondered what happened to this family. Why wasn't it razed? Who pays the property taxes?
Feb 02 2017
avatar of SaKur
SaKur We knew the owners (sort of) and this place and the store just down the road was always very heavy with security. When the old man was alive he carried his shotgun for trespassers.
Jul 09 2015
avatar of RogerM
RogerM Congrats on getting a look inside. I was here in May and the only POE was a sketchy hole into a flooded basement. Was planning to return to the area in October. Good job.
Sep 17 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Wow, that is one dangerous interior. I spied this house last summer driving home from Algonquin and posted the coords in the forum here hoping someone would go check it out. No takers at the time. I was amazed it wasn't listed on here, given its prominent situation next to the highway. Thanks for the look inside, finally.
Sep 16 2014
avatar of punchbowl
punchbowl Interesting looking home!!
Mar 06 2012