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S.S. near Gads Hill

Perth East, Ontario

Location Owner mobileworks
Creation Date Aug 21 2012
Status Demolished
Category Educational
Location Perth East, Ontario
Site number #5250

It looked like just a barn but it screamed for a camera anyway, so up the very long driveway I went. As i got closer it really looked like a church. After taking a few pictures I saw a full size Chevy truck blow past my truck and spotter and flew down the driveway at mach 2 towards , ah ya, me. Just great ,it was at this point, I was wondering how my tripod would work as a Bat'leth as my only defence and had no where to run. Well luckily, he was cool [but has had probs. in the past] and filled me in on the place. It is an old school but was never in service here.[most schools are very close to the road]. This school was moved by his grandfather and father after it was decommissioned[a very long time ago] from Gads Hill area, as is the direction the farmer pointed. The school was originally located on their property, as well, near Gads Hill but they wanted it here.This farmer[owner] lives across the road and a good idea to check in with him first, rather then meet him the way i did. The large red square behind is probably for aircraft as the Stratford airport is south east of here. This wooden school is very rare and thus FM. A recent Google Earth and street view show it is farmed over.

Latlng: (43.462480, -80.990160)


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avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks There looks to be no going back here ever and I now know why I missed it last week, driving by. Dam. Road To Nowhere.
Apr 18 2017
avatar of Mydea
Mydea great find and interesting story of your adventure.
Aug 26 2012