Latlng: (43.338429, -80.837270)

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South of Shakespeare

Perth East, Ontario

Location Owner doom vs
Creation Date Dec 11 2011
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Perth East, Ontario
Site number #3606

Great looking farmhouse south of Shakespeare. Rather conspicuous in its location and proximity to neighbouring farms and the road. Similar to many rural abandonments I've seen where the house is no longer used, but the land provides access to the fields behind it. Google street view of a few years back shows two barns in severe dilapidation which are now gone and a somewhat maintained lawn. 1878 atlas shows this block of land owned by a J.W. Wilker and probable reference to the actual structure.

Latlng: (43.338429, -80.837270)


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avatar of doom vs
doom vs Damn. Gorgeous building.
Dec 27 2014
avatar of Dave Summer
Dave Summer This one has been demolished.
Dec 26 2014
avatar of doom vs
doom vs That only leads into a sealed mud room...or at least it was sealed when I made my first try.
Oct 15 2013
avatar of TWP
TWP Attempt #3 today, locked out again result #3. The far right has an open door but no way to get up to it.
Oct 15 2013
avatar of Cyryn Fyrcyd
Cyryn Fyrcyd I just looked through all of the pictures dealing with this house. Over time, alot of the contents are gone. :(
Sep 24 2013
avatar of TWP
TWP The left side of the house has boarded windows and a new steel door (locked). No entry.
Dec 31 2012
avatar of SaintSi1999
SaintSi1999 Oh now that's the coolest farmhouse!
Apr 14 2012
avatar of rnagle
rnagle Fascinating property! Was there a few days ago, didn't realize it was already posted on the site when I made my entry. It must have been one of the premier farms of the area in its day.
Dec 27 2011
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic 1878 building with a 1900's addition. this place looks like it could be interesting inside.
Dec 12 2011
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Damn I would have liked to check out the antique farming implements...all gone now. And that church/barn is really cool!
Dec 12 2011
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Very cool...well like I said, you CAN get into the small mud room at the side. Nowhere else seems a viable poe at present. The porch on the front must have been impressive.
Dec 12 2011