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Mysterious Disappearance

Penetanguishene, Ontario

Location Owner shawno
Creation Date Oct 10 2012
Status Demolished
Category Barn
Location Penetanguishene, Ontario
Site number #5589

What is left of what was once a much larger farm. The evidence is in the foundations. Upon stopping I had figured to myself, probably just another single forgotten shed used too many years ago only to store a horse which is now long gone and forgotten too. However, when I entered the property and approached the shed I noticed a large old cord wood and mortar foundation for what was probably a barn, directly behind the shed; once attached. I checked out the shed and to my surprise it actually still had stuff in it. As I was leaving I figured I should check the other side of the driveway for a sign of maybe a house or signs of habitation, instead finding only a well and another foundation, but a small foundation. Unlike that of a house or so I could tell.. I am going to check property again when foliage has retreated for other items.

Latlng: (44.777439, -79.962489)


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avatar of ForgottenPlaces
ForgottenPlaces By searching on foot, the "driveway" mentioned, is now overgrown, although a road sign further down, and another driveway just passed that. All three enteranceways lead to one trail, I walked the trail to the top, came back down, took a right down another path, and still didn't find anything except some old TV antenna's & an old oil tank. Hmm... Took alot of energy out on this one today.
Nov 22 2016
avatar of shawno
shawno @Bigpaul Thank you Paul, I was unsure if it was a good enough location and I was hoping it had enough to be interesting.
Oct 10 2012
avatar of bigpaulsmall
bigpaulsmall These photos have merit. Tread softly.
Oct 10 2012
avatar of shawno
shawno I felt the same way
Oct 10 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon If it weren't for the bike pics, I would delete this. Just another shed.
Oct 10 2012