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Discovered by BonnieClyde
Created Sep 12 2012
Recent status Historic Location
Category Cemetery
City Penetanguishene, Ontario
Location # 5389

No description


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BradCADAVER We really would like to go here at night and do a shoot . This place looks awesome and maybe get some paranormal stuff happening due to all the history and past of this crazy place .

Sep 22 2017

BradCADAVER Hey guys , i shoot a web series on abandoned/haunted places . I was just wondering is this location located right at way point . We drove there and were kind of sketched as to whether we were actually allowed on that property because of all the signs etc . If not and it is elsewhere please hint we used google maps and it let us right to Way Point the newly built Hospital in place of Oak Ridge .

Sep 22 2017

ForgottenPlaces The houses were where staff lived while they served their purpose at Oakridge. I know personally someone who lived in one of the houses, was brought over in the 60's to doctor at Oakridge facility. I don't think they have been used since Oakridge was closed down. They are well boarded, and it should be a historical spot, for sure.

Oct 02 2016

sleep_is_awesome I believe those buildings are technically still in use. They are on the psychiatric facility's site, but may have belonged to the military establishment. There's a few more houses like this one along the lane.

Apr 16 2014

charlemagne Is getting into that building at all feasible? Or is it an historic site or something similar?

Sep 10 2013

D Explore That place gives me the creeps. The one time I ever went there was at about 3am on a very dark night. The several nameless graves I saw really got to me. Penetang is an interesting place. Tons of history and a lot of ghost stories. Captain Roberts Table is very active at night. I know from experience.

Dec 06 2012

angelswalk creepy at night ")

Sep 15 2012