Latlng: (43.032827, -79.330417)

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Abandoned Work Shop

Discovered by kev7716
Created Sep 20 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Pelham, Ontario
Location # 5489

Spotted a abandoned Work Shop so i thought i'd go inside a take a few shots . I was wondering why this Work Shop was sitting on a corner all by itself in this small town. When i got home i looked at the same area on Google Earth then on street view and there's this big white house in front of it. Then i remembered driving by it a couple of years ago and they where tearing it down .Wish i would of got some shots before it came down. Oh yeah he was raising some kinda animal down in the basement too . Located in the Town of Pelham.

Latlng: (43.032827, -79.330417)


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avatar of ground state
ground state Shit... I was biased after just using weight scales with tops that looked like that yesterday at work in a gravitational acceleration lab. Got instruments on the brain. Not making it out to Pelham in this miserable drizzle, although maybe a recon drive with the wife is in order.
Sep 22 2012
avatar of kev7716
kev7716 That's not a weight scale it's a and it still works too that's the temperature ,nice day.
Sep 21 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state Purdy neat weight scale! Think I am going to try for a Pelham direction myself this weekend, so hopefully will throw up some more Canboro area goodies.
Sep 21 2012