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Latlng: (45.663203, -79.6434)

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Parry Sound District

St. George the Martyr Anglican Church

Discovered by ishootthings
Created Mar 06 2021
Recent status Historic Location
Category Church
City Parry Sound District, Ontario
Location # 17307

''Reverend William Crompton, a travelling missionary, founded an Anglican mission at Magnetawan in 1880. Later that same year, construction began on this church. Built on the Old Nipissing Colonization Road at a time of tremendous growth in the area, the church provided a spiritual centre for the local community and served as an important meeting place for settlers. The building is a fine example of Carpenter Gothic, a late-19th-century architectural style that incorporated Gothic-inspired elements on wood-framed buildings. Resting on an outcropping of Precambrian bedrock and built with local timber; the church's location, architectural form and materials connect it to the natural landscape. A.J. Casson, a member of the Group of Seven, captured the iconic, picturesque qualities of this church in his painting Anglican Church at Magnetawan. St. George the Martyr has become a significant landmark and a symbol of the cultural and natural foundations upon which much of the province developed.''

On my trip to Trois-Riveres Quebec, my Mom and I were in need of a moment to stretch our legs and this seemed like a scenic place. We parked at the water and this Church, caught my eye as soon as we neared it (as I was in the car still), and I walked around. Its beautiful. It looks like its not really used and if it is, its not often. Seems to be a rarely open one. Appears to have minimal maintenance. But up-kept. Going to be in need of a new metal roof soon. The "Cancer" ("El Cancer" in Mexico) is taking over slowly.

Please correct my assumptions from canvassing the outside of this Historic Architectural Wonder of a Church, with a date of 1880 on the plaque. I shot exteriors of it in passing. Being a "Historic Location" and the condition, it may be a Doors Open type event IF it is open. I imagine alarms considering the power line and the plaque. Locked doors on errrrrr, 9/11/2021. This link says the church is active and lists a Reverend and a contact number. So I bet its far more possible than I originally thought.

Latlng: (45.663203, -79.6434)


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