Latlng: (45.8119, -79.361643)

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Parry Sound District

Almaguin Highlands SS

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Sep 30 2015
Recent status Being Demolished
Category Educational
City Parry Sound District, Ontario
Location # 12761

Welcome to the former Almaguin Highlands Secondary School. This large school was first opened in 1959, and closed its doors for the last time in 2010. A shiny new school with the same name and modern amenities opened just up the road in 2011.

The school is closed, most doors locked and very little vandalism considering it has been empty for five years. Someone was kind enough to provide an opening for folks who like to poke around. The roof is leaking in some places and some minor damage can be found, but overall I think this place was in fairly good condition. Some of the blackboards still have the days lesson written in chalk. Textbooks and test papers can be found in most classrooms. A few busted up computers and telephones also litter the floor. The gymnasium is eerily dark, with a thick coat of dust over the floor where students once competed for sport.

This was my first explore of such a large magnitude, I could have spent all day in here. Thanks to OAP for the tip. Well worth the trip to visit and explore.

Latlng: (45.8119, -79.361643)


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avatar of UrbexNorth
UrbexNorth Still there. Easy access. Heavily scrapped but still lots left behind to see. Lots of Graffiti and smashed windows. Great explore.
Dec 04 2020
avatar of Pikaswed420
Pikaswed420 Was up theee about a month ago still isnt demolished and apparently is just open. the new owner lives across the street according to my mom, i unfortunately did not get a chance to go in but am hoping to go back and check it out
Sep 30 2020
avatar of Digitisation
Digitisation School is currently being gutted to get ready for demolition. Not worth the trip anymore unfortunately
Nov 11 2018
avatar of Hvyds
Hvyds was there today, easy access from behind the school
Apr 20 2018
avatar of Digitisation
Digitisation Extremely easy to get into as of yesterday, Still lots left behind and no real graffiti. Definitely tons of broken windows and desks being thrown around inside.
Apr 09 2018
unknown user avatar
Unknown User This place is no longer a secret. Put as FM3. Secured with no entry April 2016
Apr 16 2016
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Really good find Tim, that's a big explore, thanks for sharing.
Oct 07 2015
avatar of Dave Summer
Dave Summer A cool place for sure. For how long it's been abandoned, the condition it's in is amazing.
Oct 01 2015
avatar of fiso
fiso Excellent Timo (and gang). Thank you.
Oct 01 2015