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Oxford County

Wolverton Cemetery - On a nice sunny day

Album uploaded by ladyoftheflowers

Cemetery in Oxford County, Ontario

Active location discovered by ladyoftheflowers on Jul 21 2013

On a nice sunny day - Wolverton-Cemetery9.jpg
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Very close to falling over all the way unfortunately.

On a nice sunny day - Wolverton-Cemetery2.jpg
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Almost looks like a hand reaching from out of the grave.

On a nice sunny day - Wolverton-Cemetery11.jpg
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Entrance to the family gravesite.

On a nice sunny day - Wolverton-Cemetery4.jpg
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Wasn't able to get through the gate to brush off the dead grass sadly.

On a nice sunny day - Wolverton-Cemetery7.jpg
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Looks like it's cracked and someone tried to fix it up a bit. Seems to be a couple's grave.