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Latlng: (43.272666, -80.734361)

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Oxford County

Oxford Stone Surviver

Discovered by mobileworks
Created Jun 19 2014
Recent status Active
Category House Or Farm
City Oxford County, Ontario
Location # 10579

On a very busy highway, and the possibility of company with no where to go, a quick photo shoot is what this place needed today[ a four minute, 400 square foot dash]. I would have loved to taken my time to photograph this beautiful, small, stone pioneer home circa 1850, but was just glad for non blurry shots, painfully waiting for the focus beep, which seemed to take minutes not seconds. Only horse and buggy took this road when it was new with hardly any noise, unlike now. It would have been a lot of work just to build this small house back in the day, with no heavy equipment, just horses and smarts. You almost have to leave the house to change your mind[ I did several times] and definitely, NO RUNNING in here, without injury. Ideal for only a select few, this old house may look like this for years as many of us have seen. Tools just left , work forever half done, etc. There are hardwood floors and a nice wood stove that could probably heat this place with just the wooden matches. A bookcase in the bedroom is marked for the thrift store. There is a really nice deck which I probably would have put in the back away from the highway. A refreshing, no addition[except the deck] example of how this relic has always been.

Latlng: (43.272666, -80.734361)


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timo explorer Active now.

Jul 21 2018

mobileworks Went by the other day and all overgrown.

May 31 2016

trailblazer519 Lol, indeed. It just pains me to see such nice homes go to rot. But we'll love them either way..

Jun 20 2014

mobileworks No , no, no you got it all wrong we want decay remember, this site? ah Ontario abansomething Places? LOL, but just natural decay though.

Jun 20 2014

trailblazer519 Agreed. Sometimes you just never can tell, until the decay sets in. Hopefully it continues to survive and gets lived in, loved and maintained..

Jun 20 2014

mobileworks Trailmixer3725 , thanks , ya nice to have this documented, and sure could be, but it was unlocked and it's just 5 guys and a case of beer away from done for good, if they find it. Sometimes a major unseen problem to the house is the culprit for being vacant and also with tougher rental laws , today. The mowed lawn is sometimes part of the ruse.

Jun 20 2014

trailblazer519 Nice little stone house. Nice find.. Looks move-in ready. Yard is maintained. I wonder if it's just a vacant rental property..

Jun 19 2014