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Old Evangelical United Brethren


Discovered by mobileworks
Created Jun 07 2015
Recent status Closed
Category Cemetery
City Oxford County, Ontario
Location # 12199
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A big name for a small cemetery.The Old Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery is closed and was a particular hard pioneer cemetery to see except for an odd mowed strip of land and two familiar Right Of Way stakes. The headstones are all lying down and believe they were upright at one time. Whether they fell down or were put down for ease of mowing is unknown. They are mostly overgrown except for the ones I clipped but need edging.There seems to be about 20 graves here, in the middle and close the residential fence.The right of way and cemetery is still being mowed which is nice and very tick friendly. I found one headstone in English but mostly in German from the 1800's. The right of way is beside; and cemetery, behind the house. There is a still a gate post at the entrance of the cemetery and two stakes at the road to the entrance to the right of way. This cemetery probably included the property next door, at one time and in my opinion should have remained that way. The bodies are not always exactly placed and headstones here are right next to a fence.

Latlng: (43.31213, -80.761419)


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