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Downey House

Oxford County, Ontario

Location Owner Egregious
Creation Date Aug 14 2014
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Oxford County, Ontario
Site number #10923

I can't believe this location was never posted. I have driven by it so many times and always wanted to check it out. I stopped a few weeks ago but it was so overgrown, you could not get near the house apart from the basement and I was not ready to go down there. Last night I drove by and noticed that the brush had been cut back and the board and baton siding was being removed. I went to the farm across the street to see if they knew who owned it and was given a name. I came home and looked up her phone number and called. I was greeted by a pleasant lady who explained that it had been her in-laws house and that here husband had grown up there. He has since passed away and the house has been empty since the mid 80's. When I asked about photographing inside I was told that they don't allow that anymore. I would have to speak to her son. I called and left a message but have not heard back. I am going away camping and was concerned that it would be gone before I returned so throwing caution to the wind, I went back this morning and documented the place. Pretty amazing. The back kitchen area is in pretty rough shape but the main house is structurally sound...well mostly anyways.

Latlng: (43.201760, -80.677144)


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avatar of TWP
TWP Look to the left of the front door, way up at the top of the house. There's dozens of them waiting to get into their entryway.
Aug 23 2014
avatar of Egregious
Egregious The back room is definitly not safe but I did not see any bees or hornets. I assumed that they must have sprayed before taking off the outside cladding. There is alot of evidence inside the walls that is now visible from outside. I have not been out for a week so good to know it is still standing. Sad to hear about the hornets though.
Aug 21 2014
avatar of TWP
TWP This was on my list of places to see since last year. Visited it today and almost fell through a pane of glass from a door that was on the floor, into the basement. Hornets in the walls at the front of house. Not a safe explore!!!
Aug 21 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Excellent spot... was wondering why the photos seemed so claustrophobic; then I saw the final pic!
Aug 15 2014