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Owen Sound

Branningham Grove

Discovered by Golson Moldon
Created Dec 06 2009
Recent status Demolished
Category Recreational
City Owen Sound, Ontario
Location # 995

Branningham Grove, Owen Sounds famous Brothel owned by the famous Meg Matthews This and it's neighbouring houses are slated for demolition if the Developer gets his way. The house is in excellent condition and most recently was a Steak House. The house is tightly boarded up. Due to publid outcry, the building may be saved and designated Historical Link to a storey about the history in the Owen Sound Sun Times:[url=tel:1678394]1678394[/url] The second house, is on the same property and I assumed scheduled for demolition. Again in good condition and access is available through the back door. The vandels haven't arrived yet!!! I attached a good read about Meg Mathews in the links sections.

Latlng: (44.576713, -80.905166)


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avatar of slb70
slb70 Was in Owen sound visiting friends and the building now completely demolished.
Dec 05 2016
avatar of udave
udave They are starting to demolishing the building now I will post pictures later
Oct 02 2016
avatar of slb70
slb70 Such a beautiful historic place . I have seen a few times an finally stopped to check it out . So sad after some research that it will likely be demolished :(
Aug 04 2015
avatar of Motleykiwi
Mar 18 2015
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks looks like its wired for security now.
Sep 24 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Yes PBear it is still around
Sep 19 2012
avatar of photocbear
photocbear is this place still around? I did a google search on articles and nothing recent.
Apr 04 2012
avatar of kking
kking There is a fantastic report on this property (a Heritage Impact Statement) including the history of the property and some great historic photos on the Owen Sound website
Feb 29 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 we gotta save the brothels..A part of our pioneer heritage..every major town had one.
Jan 03 2011