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Sewage Plant- Watts Creek

Ottawa, Ontario

Location Owner dustonmybrain
Creation Date Dec 09 2011
Status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Site number #3599
Site Access Level Level 2

Watts Creek sewage treatment plant. The plant was abandoned in 1996 when the west end was experiencing massive growth and development. The west end sewage is now shipped off to the east side rather than treated locally. The plant is surrounded by a barb wired fence. The inside of the fenced area is composed of at least 4-5 relatively small buildings. 2 of them can be easily entered via doors and 2 can be entered through broken windows (a little tricky though). The basements of all buildings are flooded and at least one of the buildings has a leaking ceiling. There are also 2 sections of sewage water reservoirs/baths where you will find lots of spray cans & beers mixed with frogs and turtles. I would like to specify the area is vandalized EVERYWHERE, something I do not condone. Since at least 2007 the site is classified as an active contaminated site by the Gvt of Canada. In 2007 the Gvt classified it as a site with medium priority for action and bumped it up in 2008 to Action likely required on the site. According to the latest reports the water and ground is still contaminated with metal, metalloid, organometallic & other organics substances. It is currently under risk management assessment & monitoring. (Not sure what this implies, but im guessing it could mean threes the odd chance a worker rolls up while you are there). Therefore please be cautious. Information by BringTheRukus ****** From Hephaestus, Nov, 2018******* Abandoned sewage treatment plant. Many buildings have been torn down, but three remain. All are heavily vandalized. Surrounded by a large fence, and each individual building is surrounded by another fence. Buildings: 1 - Some sort of pumphouse, on your left about one minute down the road. 2 - Kitchen/lab area (unclear which), on your left at the end of the road. 3 - Large circular building, stairwell accessible with one floor above and a semi-flooded basement below. 4 - Ruins of a razed building with flooded basement.

Latlng: (45.343386, -75.878296)


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avatar of steph_444444
steph_444444 There are no reservoirs left, or the two buildings that were there. Of the remaining buildings, all the exterior doors are welded shut and the windows are boarded up. One building has a missing board, while the other has entry possible with the risk of injury. The small building near the gate is sealed up tight.
Aug 12 2016
avatar of Greg
Greg revisted as it is close to me. all boarded up with new boards once again.
Mar 05 2016
avatar of Greg
Greg Went to the plant today to see if the previous comment was true. It was snowing hard. The building with the reservoir is gone, as it has been since early 2015 at least. The other buildings were still there, and it looks like some kids came by and ripped down many of the boards on the largest building. Pictures to come -Greg
Oct 18 2015
avatar of DeeEight
DeeEight Drove past the other day, looked like they dropped another building. Its only been on the federal site list of properties to be decontaminated and cleared for 15 years or so... of course it gets done finally to go with an election.
Oct 01 2015
avatar of Greg
Greg In April and may, the place was boarded up tight. I then saw a post saying a board had been knocked down on reddit, and quickly made my way to the spot before it was fixed. It's a shame that the large tanks I see in photos was torn down.
Sep 08 2015
avatar of Ottawaguy
Ottawaguy When we visited last summer, I was shocked to see the state of the place. Sad that people would trash it like this. But even more unsettling - did anyone else notice the size of the leeches in the treatment pools? I have never seen anything so disgusting in my life! My worst nightmare would be falling in...
May 29 2015
avatar of Moderate
Moderate Added a few more photos from October to my original gallery. The place is a lot more open and a lot more trashed than it was the last two times I visited, the two smaller buildings around the treatment ponds are now completely accessible, and most of the machinery inside that wasn't nailed down has been tossed around and broken. The room with all the yellow peeling paint pipes is still impress
Nov 23 2014
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Changed to fm. Despite the tagging etc.
Jul 09 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Hey There, I'm a reporter with CBC radio -- also myself a bit of a lurker around abandoned buildings. Do you know anybody who is a regular visitor to Watts Creek? I'm hoping to find somebody to tell the story about how it sits, abandoned. - I can protect your name and identity. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Stu 613-292-9282
Jul 09 2014
avatar of Lovetoexplore2206
Lovetoexplore2206 Hi Everyone, I was at the Creek the other day... hence my screen name "Lovetoexplore" it sure is a neat place.!! if anyone wants to go and explore sometime Id like to go with you. I think it would be more interesting than going by yourself.. let me know if you want to go. and we could set up a time to...... "TAKE OVER WATTS CREEK" we move..... AT MIDNIGHT. :) just a little humor there... any
Sep 15 2013
avatar of zerobotman
zerobotman Just went there and took a bit of a video tour. I think that I missed some interesting spots but I really enjoyed visiting. I'll probably make the video available to people who ask but I won't be making it public on youtube.
Jun 06 2013
avatar of DeeEight
DeeEight Also of the four fiberglass tanks inside the buildings... the two rectangular tanks in the first building have open top hatches and appear empty, the pipe above one is labeled sodium hypochlorite, which is the fancy name for bleach. The two LARGE cylindrical tanks labeled "ACID" in the second pond buiilding have open access hatches at the bottom of each and also appear to be empty.
May 27 2013
avatar of DeeEight
DeeEight I was there yesterday and yep, the scrappers had stolen more of the aluminium railings from around the settling ponds than were missing last june. Surprised they haven't taken the interior railings from around the staircases and access ladders to the flooded out basements. I am wondering though if the basements flooded from water coming thru the leaking roof or cracked foundation/pond walls.
May 27 2013
avatar of ScottF
ScottF Been to this place countless times and its fantastic. From the first time i was there i can see how quickly the place is being destroyed by vandals. When i first went there, most of the doors were locked and bolted shut. I was there a few days ago and Nearly every door is open! More windows were broken, many things missing or pushed over. I wish i found this location a'lot sooner before the vanda
May 27 2013
avatar of Moderate
Moderate Thanks :)
Sep 12 2012