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Farm March rd. Kanata

Ottawa, Ontario

Location Owner 18forever
Creation Date Oct 03 2010
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Site number #2012

This is on March rd. near the 417. very recognizable from the road.Newly abandoned "greenbelt" farm. The city expropriated the farms back in the 50(a)s and now alot of them are just going to rot.Anyhoo.... The house is georgous but starting to show signs of detoriation around it(a)s porches etc.The main structure of the house seems to be solid (for now).The house is sealed up air tight , so even if you could get in the pictures would all need a flash(= suck).The out buildings are good for pictures.The big barn has lots of (gopher ? )holes. There a not any "no tresspassing" signs or closed gates.(yet). When I went we parked in the driveway as if we lived there. There is a farmer who lives down the road who checks in on the place.When we came out from one of the barns his truck was parked by our car. I was just taking pics of the out buildings so everything was cool.We actually chatted with him for quite a while.But he obviously wasn(a)t leaving until we left. So if you don(a)t feel like meeting him you might be able to park behind the outbuilding closest to the house ( not completly sure if your vehicle would be out of "sight". might be seen from some other road,bike path or the 417.) the best bet would be to park at one of the buisnesses past the property and hoof it back.Check it out soon. I think this one will be vandalized quickly.....

Latlng: (45.328956, -75.889887)


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avatar of Moderate
Moderate Uploaded a few more photos from July. The house is completely gone, no foundation, the large shed is also gone. Barn remains along with at least one small shed. It's not really worth checking out unless you really like barns...
Nov 23 2014
avatar of Moderate
Moderate Okay, now it's gone...or partially gone. Looks like only the main house was engulfed, causing partial damage. There should still be a few small sheds and the large barn on the property unless it's been demo'd since.
Jan 16 2014
avatar of Moderate
Moderate This is not demolished. bd42 and I just went there yesterday...She must have confused it with some other location. Farmhouse is boarded up with no way in, out buildings/barn are in poor condition but worth a look if you like barns and log sheds.
Jun 24 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Changed to public location.
Apr 29 2012