Colin Is......

Ottawa, Ontario

Location Owner fiso
Creation Date Dec 14 2014
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Site number #11508

A comprehensively tagged farm (remarkable really, given the setting) house. The owner popped by and, once she saw we weren't armed with aerosol, we actually had a nice chat. Place has been empty for 4 years and, when asked "why", it was obvious it was something she still is unhappy about. Adult warning for some vulgarity and symbols. Demolished over the winter 2015/2016


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avatar of fiso
fiso Here to serve GS :-).
Dec 16 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Nice title, ha ha. I even have to heard off to "Urban Dictionary" now to figure some of these out.
Dec 16 2014
avatar of superss
superss I wonder if the taggers could have been disgruntled or soon to be evicted tenants.
Dec 14 2014
avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean Wow, taggers went to town on that poor house. :( Still looks nice on the outside.
Dec 14 2014