Latlng: (45.306377, -75.813417)

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Bells Corners Barn

Discovered by shaka
Created Jul 08 2016
Recent status Abandoned
Category Barn
City Ottawa, Ontario
Location # 13709

This is a large abandoned barn that I spotted in a field while driving. It's structurally intact, albeit many wall panels have fallen and there are holes in the floor that are covered by hay. There is evidence (fallen fences and picnic tables) that the overgrown area was previously used for a larger farmstead, but I can't find anything about its history. From Google Maps it seems to have been actively used by the neighboring ranch until a few years ago, which would explain the low amount of graffiti and vandalism. Along with the main floor, the barn has a basement that is littered with junk and small machinery. I wasn't able to explore the entire basement level as I didn't have a flashlight at the time, so I'll be returning soon for more photos.

Latlng: (45.306377, -75.813417)


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avatar of wilsoliama
wilsoliama My first ever successful expedition led me and a close friend here yesterday. The smell of weed hanging in the barn air leads me to believe that this is a more popular location than some may think. Still, got some nice photos and even found a single flipper atop a painted shelf. Be careful where you step - there are some stray nails protruding from a few fallen wood panels around the exterior, as well as deep animal burrows hidden amidst the overgrown grass in the surrounding area.
May 27 2019
avatar of DaSicknesss
DaSicknesss Did a quick stop by here this weekend. Still no graffiti which is nice to see for once! I didn't bother with going onto the second level as I came across part of a cave in of the flooring on the north side. Nice location, tons of artifacts to look at!
Jul 16 2016