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Port Oshawa Marina


Discovered by spydrgyrl
Created Nov 26 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Oshawa, Ontario
Location # 3549
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Port Oshawa Marina closed its doors over seven years ago. Since then, debate has ranged about what to do with Oshawa(a)s harbourfront. The marina once housed a clubhouse, showering facilities as well as a swimming pool. The channel led out to Lake Ontario just adjacent to Lakeview Park. As a former member, sailing out on Canada Day to see the fireworks amid a small sea of silent sail and motor boats was one of life(a)s better moments. Now the marina sits silent and still.

UPDATE - August 2016 by KnightHawk

Access to the site is easy, but beware of wild parsnip along the way. I even encountered a couple of people fishing while I was walking in. Down by the crane sits a nondescript building that in it's time, must have been a very nice clubhouse, complete with bar, dance floor, and kitchen facilities. Vandals have been at work inside, smashing all the glass & putting holes in the walls. Someone even started a small fire on the floor.

I found the Visitor Parking and Dock 1 signs to be ironic, given what has become of this location.

Latlng: (43.869064, -78.828933)


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exploringhale It's not the easiest to get to but there is a nice walking trail near by that I don't think is supposed to be open.

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