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Date Jun 30 2010
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City Oshawa, Ontario
Location # 745
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Remains of a barn's rock wall is now a rock garden. This barn used to be for sheep.

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The tannery and sawmill used to be just on the other side of the creek.

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This was once the post office.

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Old silo and barn foundations.

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The best abandoned century home in the hamlet is now out of bounds. According to the 1877 map below this was the E. Cole farm.

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This may have been where the butcher's place was. Butchered animal bones were found recently in this field area.

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Looking north into downtown Chubtown.

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This 1877 map of The Township of East Whitby shows Chubtown's location, though the name wasn't labelled officially. Look to the area by the river just SE of Columbus where the tannery and sawmill are labelled.

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This map by the Webber family who lived in Chubtown in the 1850s show its proximity east of Columbus. West of Columbus you can see where the village of Empire Mills was located too.

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Chubtown 1877