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CFB Edgar

Discovered by visionsx
Created Oct 08 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category Military
City Oro-Medonte, Ontario
Location # 3276

Edgar is located about 20 kilometres north west of Barrie, Ontario. On May 29th, 1951 a joint Canadian (RCAF) and American (USAF) project took place. It's purpose was to mount a defense against possible Soviet air threats against North America. It was estimated that by 1954, the USSR would have the capability to send long range bombers. The project would see the construction of a series of radar bases all along the country to provide advanced warning of incoming aircraft. CFB Edgar (site C-4 or callsign "Cupid") was built as a radar station for the Department of National Defense (DND) in November of 1950. It was completed on September 1952 under the command of HC Vinnicombe. It consisted of three "Armco" huts, sixty-five married quarters, a school, heating plant, sewage disposal plant, fire hall, pump house, mess hall, barracks and homes for the service men and women. Facilities included a 10 bed Sick Quarters which provided medical and dental services; also a recreation building which housed a gymnasium, swimming pool, club room, general store, barber shop and post office. Protestant church services were held on the base in the school until 1953 when the recreational base was completed. Three movies were shown per week. The admission for two movies was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for a child. The third movie was free as it was either educational or medical in nature. A library with 200 books was available as was a skating rink for the hockey team. Edgar operated as both an Early Warning (EW) and a manual Ground-Control Intercept (GCI) unit. All aircraft would be manually plotted onto a large plotting board. Initially the hardware would allow for an 80 mile radius. Later upgrades would allow for a 200 mile radius up to 40,000 feet altitude. The manual system was upgraded during the 1960's with an automated system in October of 1961. As of 30 November, 1952, 154 officers, airmen and airwomen were at Edgar. By December of 1961 the size of the base had grown to 184 military personnel and 89 civilians. Edgar closed on March 20, 1964 as it fell redundant when other bases were upgraded. That November the station was sold to the Province of Ontario for $218,225. It is used as a training facility for handicapped adults. [u]From JoshJVL: [/u] The majority of the buildings at this site have already been demolished. However there still are at least 5 structures still standing, along with a sewer system you can climb down into. There is a gatehouse right by the entrance, a church straight ahead once you enter through the gates, a pump house/storage building if you follow the road going right at the entrance, a pump room at the very top of the hill built half into the terrain, and best of all a small complex of three building surrounded fenced in with barbed wire if you take an immediate left at the entrance. There isn't much interesting about the first four structures, other than some machinery in the pump houses and a basement in the one at the top of the hill. The church is empty except one pew in the larger room to the right and an excess of satanic graffiti. The most interesting place by is the complex of three buildings. There are a few ways to get to it, the first two involve cutting through the woods for a small distance until you get to the open field/meadow where the complex is. You can either walk left through the woods for about 200 steps or you can walk down the first road going left when you hop the gate until you reach the telephone poles. Just turn left and follow the telephone wires through the trees and down the hill for about 50 steps until you reach the clearing. The last way is to follow the road going left until you take a final left onto a dead end street. At the end of the street there is a dirt atv trail that leads to the clearing from the opposite direction of the other two ways. I haven't been this way as it takes longer so i don't know if its safe or not. If you walk around the perimeter of the barbed wire fence you'll eventually find a section cut and peeled back big enough for a normal sized person to fit through. I honestly don't know what the buildings were used for, there are concrete channels that snake through the complex that look like water was supposed to run through them, as well as several deep pits that are now partially filled with water, I don't know how deep these go. There is one building with a basement that contain more pumps and machinery. The steps down to the basement are littered with old circular weather charts. There is another building that has a big pit that takes up most of the interior. Most of the insulation that was on the ceiling has fallen into the pit so i don't know whats on the bottom. Finally there is a smaller building with no basement. If anyone knows what this complex is all about I'd love to hear it. Also, there's likely no real need to worry but be wary of coyotes, I've gone by myself a few times and only seen one once, but you can't be too careful so I'd suggest bringing a friend along. OAP's Photos

Latlng: (44.53004, -79.65637)


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avatar of sue
sue it is all gone
Dec 31 2020
avatar of qazpaz
qazpaz how completely demolished, looks like they''re butting in some houses of something.
Jun 16 2020
avatar of frightenstein
frightenstein I remember doing training here with the military around 2003-04. Slept in the gymnasium. It was a once in lifetime kinda ghost town experience. Times I wish I had a camera.
Dec 03 2014
avatar of ScottF
ScottF Still a few buildings remain, front guard hut, the church/ballroom, bunker way in the back, and there was other buildings a little further down the road there was probably 2 or 3 buildings. I didn't go over to them though. Still a cool place to be.
Apr 06 2014
avatar of Curious
Curious While speaking to a friend about CFB Edgar, he reported that on the property existed 2 possibly 3 shops that were for sale in July. Not sure if they are still there.
Sep 28 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Had to verify on my own, and yes its true. Sadly, CFB Edgar is gone!! Only the guard hut at the front gate and the church are still standing. Piles of rubble all around and a guys working with large equipment at the back of the former base. Took pics of whats left.
Jul 04 2012
avatar of sledgirl77
sledgirl77 Sadly, Edgar has been demolished
Jun 11 2012
avatar of captamerica
captamerica Amazing pics thatch, would love to get a closer look at this place.
Jan 03 2011
avatar of sleep_is_awesome
sleep_is_awesome I spoke with the security guard just prior to the Toronto G20 meeting, and apparently they weren't even letting potential buyers onto the property because of the related heightened security. But, it makes me wonder if I could gain decent access as a "representative of a potential buyer"
Dec 16 2010