Sundial Inn

Discovered by thatch
Created Oct 21 2010
Recent status Repurposed
Category House Or Farm
City Orillia, Ontario
Location # 2088

the Sundial Inn was built in 1962 and opened with a capacity of 40 guest rooms. Tired motorists travelling highway 11 were able to sleep in a room that overlooked Lake Couchiching for the night. In 1999, additions were made to the inn which included convention and banquet facilities, a dining room offering fine cuisine, indoor pool and sauna, tennis courts and an exercise room. The amenities at this full service hotel were impressive. The standard air conditioned rooms with cable television were equipped with free local telephone service, coffee maker and individual temperature control. Guests could pick from a variety of packages including Casino Rama, skiing, snowmobiling, and golf. A shuttle bus transported guests to the nearby Casino Rama. The Inn was sold to another larger hotel chain in the middle 1990's and a seven-storey tower addition was completed in 1999 bringing the occupancy to 95 rooms. This was necessary to meet the increased demand for guests visiting the Casino. ****UPDATE***** It seems that the land has now been re-purposed. Formerly the land which was home to the Sundial INN, now belongs tothe NEW Re-named the "Sundial Lakeview Retirement Residence". See the links below for the website of the new retirement residence. The New Retirement residence was Scheduled for re-opening in fall 2016. See the second link in the section below for a related article about the hotel transformation. I'll be visiting Orillia in two weeks and I will try my best to get some updated picture on progress. The last street views on Goggle maps were done in 2015 and only showed the vacant plot of land in which the INN once stood.


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avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith The new retirement residence is falling behind in construction. Sign says " Fall 2016" and its still not done as of today. 1/14/17 Due to safty concernes we could not get further into the site for more. Pics as its a constuction zone and work vehicles parked in lot
Jan 15 2017
avatar of Ottawaguy
Ottawaguy It's really sad to see the vandalism that took place here. I remember going to the Sundial for special occasion brunches when I was a kid. Crazy to see what became of it.
Jul 06 2015
unknown user avatar
Unknown User The Sundial no longer exists. I believe, sadly, that this building has been demolished.
Dec 28 2014
avatar of ScottF
ScottF Talked to a former police officer on a case with this. They only demolished it because vandals set fire to it. It was far to damaged and dangerous to leave it standing. There was a piece of glass she had from the fire that seemd to have melted and curled because the fire was so hot.
Sep 12 2014
avatar of Ian85
Ian85 Stupid vandals - would have been nice to visit!
Jun 26 2012
avatar of rnagle
rnagle Closure of a sort, all that is left is the vacant lot. Took a photo Friday evening (April 20/2012). Lot is still fenced off, I don't know what is planned for the location. A long time Orillia landmark gone.
Apr 21 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User It got torn down about a week ago
Aug 24 2011
avatar of crada
crada Security right at the front of the Inn - literally standing there on guard. A part of it is completely caved in, but the main building and unique sauna structure is still intact. I wouldn't be surprised if they demolish it all soon, as I've read that they have no plans of remodeling/reopening.
Jun 08 2011
avatar of don
don Damn little vandals always gotta screw things up. Iv been wanting to get in here for a few years! Im going by here in a few weeks, Ill see if I can get some current pics....if its still there :(
Jun 08 2011
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Looks like vandals have sealed its fate. According to newspaper articles, fire crews responded to the building on April 30, 2011 at 12:30am and found two fires in two seperate locations. The south wing has now been destroyed
May 02 2011
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Going to Orillia in a few weeks. Will likely stop by this place!
Feb 05 2011