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Latlng: (43.434812, -79.775471)

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Wartime Home


Discovered by superss
Created Jan 07 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 6113

Not as much history to this home as the homes to it's south, but with Condo Development down the road they have something in common.

This is your typical 1 1/2 story "wartime" house built in 1945. I hope to get out there during the day to get a few shots. I used to live in a home much like this, so I don't expect to see much new inside but I would like to see.

Latlng: (43.434812, -79.775471)


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superss Demolished.

Feb 21 2014

superss I had gone back & I'm 99 % convinced that they are reflections of street lights. I have other pictures of the streetlights & they give off a similar light with the camera settings. The other 1 % is that it could be a ghost.

Mar 14 2013

Arenegado In three shots of the house, there are what looks like eyes peaking out back at you from the windows... and they're from different sides of the house. A raccoon? or...

Mar 13 2013