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Latlng: (43.411371, -79.741426)

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Triple Threat


Discovered by D Explore
Created Dec 13 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 5965

Sitting vacant for years these three bungalows sit side by side on Bronte Rd in Oakville. What makes them particularly attractive is the fact that they are located across the street from the Halton Regional Centre home of Halton Police Headquarters. From what I understand they were bought out prior to the widening of Bronte Rd and the properties and field behind them were slated to be redeveloped as a mixed use commercial/residential development but so far no development of any kind has begun. One of the homes (1087) has an obvious mold problem so I would advise either an approved mold mask or a brief explore.

Latlng: (43.411371, -79.741426)


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superss Demolished.

Feb 06 2014
unknown user avatar

Unknown user I ate a sandwich in Detroit called the Triple Threat. Consisted of ham, pulled pork & bacon!

Oct 09 2013

superss I noticed a new for sale sign just south of these properties.

Oct 08 2013

HudsonTL Went for a visit today and actually came across a metal scrapper. Scared the crap out of me at first, but turned out to be a nice fellow. The place has been torn apart by scrappers. All the door frames have been removed and pilled up. If you plan on visting, be weary of nails. The basements were quite interesting to explore.

Feb 14 2013

Scolirk Looks like both properties were purchased by a commercial construction company back in 99/00. They were planning to build a retail mall there in 07. I drive by these houses from time to time and never knew they existed until now!

Jan 07 2013

D Explore @ ground state - I just added a bonus 'peelie' photo to the gallery just for you;)

Dec 13 2012

ground state Really enjoyed all the paint peelies to be found here.

Dec 13 2012

superss When I read the title I knew what it was going to be. About a week ago I was wondering whether those houses were even still there so I made a drive by to see. Hey still there. I just assumed these homes were probably already listed on this site but not visible to me as I'm still not approved with full membership. Thanks, I was interested to see what the place looks like.

Dec 13 2012

D Explore Thanks! I was "tying my shoes" on the sidewalk out front for about 5 minutes until the coast was clear;)

Dec 13 2012

mike6639 Nicely done! I've passed by here a few times but always a few too many cops around to try and go in!!

Dec 13 2012