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Latlng: (43.489366, -79.72264)

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The Pet Vet

Discovered by superss
Created Dec 14 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 11511

      When did this happen?  Driving to another location I spotted the pet vet sign was painted over.  That caught my attention, but then I noticed the boarded up building, that really caught my attention.  I was already by the place but had to go back to have a proper look.   This is an area of future road widening & both business & residential development.  

Once I got back to the location I noticed the house to the left of the Veterinarian office/animal hospital/boarding kennel, it is all part of the same property. The business has been here for I'd say at least the last 10 years & was in operation in the summer. They moved the dog kennel portion during the August long weekend to another location on OAP, my loc #9793 that had previously been a kennel with another company. I drive down this road fairly often & was down here twice last week & I never noticed the boards. So my thoughts are it was boarded up very recently or I'm blind. Blind may be correct.

Being Demolished: April 26, 2015

House & garage has been gone for about 2 weeks, Vet hospital is about 50% demolished.

Latlng: (43.489366, -79.72264)


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Bumblebee And it's gone.....

May 06 2015

superss Time may be short here. It looks like they a preparing it for demolition, vegetation cleared out & excavator on sight.

Mar 21 2015
unknown user avatar

Unknown user There's another vet clinic north west of here with power still on, and assorted animals soaking in formaldehyde. Certainly an old 80's feel to the place. Different location than this one.

Feb 02 2015

superss Thanks, generally not my favourite type of house to explore but the items left gave me a better appreciation. I just wish it wasn't so dark & I had more time to investigate some of the items left.

Dec 16 2014

ground state Awesome stuff! That was a great gallery. Totally unexpected for the flash to reveal a fully furnished house. Congrats on getting in and giving us a view of life before the vandalism.

Dec 16 2014