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Latlng: (43.432548, -79.77128)

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Ponderosa Ranch

Discovered by superss
Created Jan 07 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 6114

The house looks okay, seems to be in descent shape from the windows, not much character.

But I like the stuff behind the house, a good sized lot, a cool looking barn/garage/ranch (whatever it is), cool trees & birdhouses & a crazy looking, chicken coop? Or is it a Church? Or an alter to make sacrifices? Don't know.

This home & the one to the north don't really seem to be of much historic value so instead they will be the birthing grounds for rows of Stacked Townhouses.

Latlng: (43.432548, -79.77128)


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superss Demolished, townhouses on the way.

Nov 29 2013

HudsonTL I think at one point the biker gang the "Outlaws" used this as a hideout or something. Superss found a harley davidson hat and I found a Outlaws bandana.

Apr 21 2013

superss I hadn't found any indication that the barn/shed was of historic value, but when I first saw it I thought it was something that was missed by Heritage Oakville. I'm glad that is being corrected. I think the developers have stalled a bit after everything being okay-ed, they haven't even opened their sales trailer.

Mar 08 2013

D Explore Was here today. Saw a van out front and two guys unloading plywood to board it all up. Pulled up and had a chat with them. House will be torn down but apparently the barn/shop may have historical value and will have to be moved. They seemed pretty upset that people have been vandalizing the house and told me they will be watching it closely from now on.

Mar 08 2013

superss Lol Mydea, it may become the new "gotta have" for backyard amenities.

Jan 09 2013

Mydea i have never seen a sacrificial chicken church before... cool!

Jan 08 2013

superss Yea, me too, but I noticed a surge of activity in the area in the last little while, so I thought timing looks right. There is still power on at the property, with one light left on in the house. So the local teens haven't accessed the house yet. Whether that is from the developers or the previous owners is anyone's guess.

Jan 07 2013

timekeeper Nice little find here, I have driven around back there but wasn't sure how abandoned the places were.

Jan 07 2013