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Latlng: (43.468661, -79.805715)

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Old White House Lower Baseline

Discovered by 4hams
Created Mar 01 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 4114

Abandoned and open. Did not get any interior shots as i did not have a flashlight with me or flash for the camera. But all that has since been resolved...

I will go back for interior shots possibly this week or next.

Latlng: (43.468661, -79.805715)


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Zenit-User Yep, definitely gone. I looked to my left and nothing but some sliced up trees.

Oct 03 2013

superss I think this one is gone, I was driving by there yesterday & as I went by I thought, hey was that house gone. I was going too fast & had someone right behind me that I couldn't be sure. I'll verify next time I'm that way if nobody else has.

Sep 18 2013

HudsonTL Apparently this house was owned by the Stout family for a good 90 years. John Stout was granted the land deed for Lot NE 1/4 8, Concession 1 NS in 1846 (Deed 5 18460401 ND). Here is the link:

Aug 07 2013

HudsonTL Anyone know any information on the gunclubs that used to be associated here? Sounds interesting.

Feb 14 2013

HudsonTL Had a great time exploring this place. The property is littered with interesting things.

Feb 14 2013

superss Just cleaning out some old pictures & thought I would add it to the site. My flash wasn't working correctly inside the house, so no inside shots. Hmmmm, isn't that 3 of us with lighting problems? Interesting, spooky.

Jan 05 2013

Derelict Compositions This house smells terrible!! Went on Saturday, not really worth the trip.

Mar 04 2012

ann_faith 4hams, no i havent but i think i should put forth the effort :-) ( even if it is a dump) i love to go to these types of places and learn about their history. every place has a story to tell....

Mar 02 2012

4hams Hi ann, have you been here? Yes it is a dump! There is a real treasure about 1 minute down the rd though which is worth the visit!

Mar 02 2012

ann_faith what a dump. is right!

Mar 02 2012

4hams At teeko, oh maybe we should go back then?

Mar 02 2012

teeko No Adriana, I didn't post this. I didn't think it was worth anything when I went through it. Has anyone gone into the basement yet? I didn't have a flashlight when I was there but I seem to remember rumors about bikers and gun clubs associated with this place.

Mar 02 2012

Adriana posted it? hah sorry, I thought I remembered teeko posting it a while ago.

Mar 01 2012

4hams Hi Adriana, I originally posted this one. But bps can take credit for it. lol By the looks it is not worth going back for interior shots.

Mar 01 2012