Latlng: (43.454196, -79.68933)

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Oakville Lifecare Centre

Discovered by taberman
Created Apr 05 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category Hospital
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 1352

Abandoned Hospital. Easily Accessible. On Lyons Line behind Home Depot

Latlng: (43.454196, -79.68933)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User It's sad that this is gone. It was quite a place to explore.
Oct 15 2013
avatar of D Explore
D Explore Drove by yesterday. Demolition is complete.
Dec 05 2012
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Tried to go today and its in the process of being demolished. What a shame
Oct 25 2012
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub theres a construction fence and a large backhoe there now so probably not long before its demo'd
Oct 13 2012
avatar of 4hams
4hams I spent a few hours there this past Sunday. East main level wing was torched back in 2008 I believe so be careful and access is easy at back of building. This is a very old location that has been trashed. maybe it should no longer be a hidden for just full members as there is realy no more damage that can be done to the place. As for the location it is plasteded all over the net.
Feb 27 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Just a little heads up. I went again for the third time tonight to show a differt group of friends. And there was a security gaurd on foot walking around the outer perimeter of the place.
Jan 21 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Disregard that link i just posted, idk why it lead to somewhere different when you copy and past the link. Take 403 to Trafalger, make a left onto Trafalger, turn right onto Cross Ave, turn right onto Lyons Ln
Jan 16 2012
avatar of sQualie
sQualie I've already got a busy weekend planned but I'll let you know if I can squeeze it in.
Jan 15 2012
avatar of titalingus
titalingus give me directions im in
Jan 15 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Would anyone want to come with me and 2 other friends next Friday or Saturday? Just PM me if you would like to come. This is a big place. So the more people the better.
Jan 15 2012
avatar of Derelict Compositions
Derelict Compositions I went a few weeks ago, POE was impossible without power tools or a sledge hammer. Glad to hear there is a new POE again. Although, I did see a rope hanging off the roof. Looked like people had been climbing to gain entry.
Jan 11 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Status: Place is still up, and there is a easy point of entery to get into. Really cool place to visit. I will be revisiting next week.
Jan 08 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Any one have a recent update on this place? I am probably going tomorrow night.
Jan 06 2012
avatar of that-girl
that-girl I heard this place has been locked up and has no point of entry anymore, does anyone have any information on this place?
Jan 02 2012
avatar of grainger
grainger This was built as a Nursing Home in the 1970s and converted for use as a SARS Isolation Hospital in 2003. However it never actualy received any patients.
Aug 06 2011