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Latlng: (43.476584, -79.732632)

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Discovered by superss
Created Jan 01 2015
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 11551

      This is a home that is surrounded with the development of new homes.   The house was on the list of potential historic homes & there has been a request to remove it from the list in order to demolish the home.  The house itself really doesn't have much historic value, it was built in the 1930's & the cultural value is nothing significant enough to save the house.  So the recommendation is that the house will be removed from the list & allowed to be demolished.  

This is a home that has been on the radar for quite some time as it is in a prime location & I think developers were just waiting for the homeowner to clean up the paperwork to make the development process easier without a potentially historic home hanging over their head. A little more than a month ago I noticed that it no longer seemed to be occupied & it looked like they were moving things out of the house. The yard still had a number of trucks, trailers & cars throughout the property.

I decided to visit the house about 10 days ago & as I drove by things looked silent, but when I went to park off another street behind the property I noticed the owner had pulled in & he was touring the property. I turned back & saved it for another day. A few days later I was back & all the vehicles had since been removed, except for one tired old trailer. There was an old 1940's Ford Panel Truck that I was hoping to get a good look at that had been at the back of the property but that had just been removed as well.

======== Update Demolished: Early 2018

Latlng: (43.476584, -79.732632)


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