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Latlng: (43.466828, -79.643691)

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Edgemere Mansion

Discovered by doom vs
Created Mar 11 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 6409

A 32,000 square-foot mansion set on 5.7 acres of prime Lakeshore property. It was listed at $45,000,000 and sold for $35,000,000. Built by Mattamy Homes president Peter Gilgan in 1994. The original home that was on the property for over 80 years was torn down in 1992. The property still includes the original boathouse and greenhouses.

The property included a massive Georgian-style mansion, boathouse, four-car garage, pool, private pebble beach, its own baseball diamond and 300 metres of shoreline.

The 32,000-square-foot house contained 17 bathrooms, 20-seat-theatre and spa.

Demolition is taking place to make way for 30 condominiums, priced from $2.7 million to $6.9 million and ranging in size from about 2,700 to 5,500 square feet.

Several heritage artifacts on the property, including a gardener's cottage, stable, teahouse, greenhouse and boathouse will be restored and preserved.

Latlng: (43.466828, -79.643691)


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bandi What an obnoxious display of wealth. McMansion x 100

Jan 18 2019

TheSaugaExplorer Went to check out this place today: gone :( A small little part of the house still stands, but the rest is gone. The area now houses a few million dollar smaller estates

Feb 01 2014

Kenndruuh I posted a few pictures on my blog of what it's going to look like soon.

Aug 15 2013

Kenndruuh I don't this this place is being demolished, but maybe re-purposed to fit with the condos they're putting up. Such a shame.

Jul 02 2013

vivalarevolution yes i am definitley going here! anyone inow if its still there?

May 19 2013

vivalarevolution i have to see this place

May 19 2013

Kenndruuh Nevermind going Sunday.. It better still be there. Or some of it at least :'(

May 18 2013

Kenndruuh I'm going here Sunday, I need to see it before it's gone!

May 15 2013

UnLeashed_Photography What a shame. That's all I really have to say. Speechless.

May 05 2013

drunkenmunky420 omg this place is AMAZING I want to make a trip out so bad before this place is gone.

May 02 2013

timekeeper Evman, lol I did the same thing on my first visit. I drove right inm parked amongst the workers cars and just walked around, even went in the house. haha!! Ninja!!

Apr 25 2013

Evman Stopped by the other day. Looks like they're doing work on the mansion again. There was a bunch of cars parked right in front of it with men in hard hats walking around. They were using the gate right in front on Lakeshore. Fortunately, they left it wide open so I was able to wander in and walk around the grounds without anyone noticing. Didn't bother trying to get in though, looked like they we

Apr 25 2013
unknown user avatar

Unknown user One is scheduled for this summer, stay tuned.

Mar 21 2013

D Explore Rock and Roll b&a photo set was the bees knees. Thanks! By the looks of it we could have all had an OAP meet and greet here:P

Mar 21 2013

superss I really like your then & now pictures RNRF.

Mar 18 2013