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Latlng: (43.447005, -79.767079)

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Carrique Property

Discovered by superss
Created Jan 19 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category Barn
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 6193

This is the Carrique family property. William and Margaret emigrated from Ireland in the early 1800's & raised 6 kids. They lived in a brick 1 1/2 story house that was built in 1852. With the passing of both William & Margaret in the 1870's one of their son's, Henry, inherited the property. He and his wife, Sarah Ann, also had 6 kids & raised them on this property.

Despite the fact the property no longer has a house on it, it is still listed as a Property Of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest. "This property has potential cultural heritage value for its historic farmstead, including the outbuildings, historically associated with the agricultural development of Trafalgar Township."

There is an area which I assume to be an old foundation for the previous house. The two outbuildings look like two small barns. The smaller of the two looks very old & may have been built with the original house in the mid 1850's. There are a bunch of Beekeeper boxes in the front of the smaller barn & some boxes and parts inside. The larger of the two barns is a Gambrel Style & does not look quite as old as the smaller barn. There are a bunch of cages in this barn. I was trying to figure what they kept there, chickens, pigeons, dogs? There wasn't really anything that was tell tale to me. I would have said they were for breeding dogs, but there were elevated cubicles that I assume were for something that could either fly or levitate.

This property is located in an area designated for Employment Land. This is some very expensive land, there is just over 30 acres for sale 1 KM east of this property for $13,000,000. So, I would be VERY surprised if the barns continue to exist or if the property will be anyway recognizable in the near future.

Latlng: (43.447005, -79.767079)


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madgorrila48 Everything is boarded up except for One window and 2 animal doors. Place is nice but be careful when going upstairs, test every step as the upstairs is a bit unstable. Place seems to be a hangout as tons of garbage and tagged up. Altogether a nice place but be careful up stairs. Also be careful as the hospital is in plain sight. Pretty sure cages were for chickens as i saw some bones in the bottom floor looking like chickens but no 100% sure. April 7 2021

Apr 07 2021

lil_bucktee was biking past this place the other day when I decided to check it out. every door and window is now boarded up except for two small animal hatches on the first floor and one of the second floor doors. Sadly the second floor door is harder to get into as the ladder and platform leading to it has collapsed but its not that high of a jump. In older pictures I could see a second smaller barn with bee keeping boxes but on my two visits so far I have seen no evidence of it. One thing that I did noti

Apr 04 2020

HudsonTL When I went back a second time during the day, there was no one upstairs. It was probably just someone visiting as there were no signs of a squatter. If you go I'd advise a respirator because of all the chicken droppings, feathers and dead chickens. Avian flue does not sound like a fun time.

Apr 03 2013

Monika Wow.. this is one cool barn. I love the beekeeper boxes! I want to see it. HudsonTL got me worried a bit though... lol

Apr 03 2013

HudsonTL Me and two friends went into the stables and kept hearing clunks coming from upstairs. We thought it was just an animal until we got half way down the hall and we heard loud foot steps of someone walking around upstairs. We left the barn and noticed that there were fresh foot prints in the snow going towards the barn but none leading away.

Feb 18 2013

superss Thanks CaptainMorgan.

Jan 24 2013

captainmorgan Nice photos superss! Can't believe I missed this one. Barn looks cool.

Jan 24 2013

superss Thanks filper. :-)

Jan 23 2013

filper It looks great to me. I should have gone further down the road. Nice set superss.

Jan 23 2013

Golson Moldon Sorry/ but how many more barns do we have to see?

Jan 22 2013