Latlng: (43.463333, -79.680278)

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Antifa's Boulder

Discovered by Rellit.Noskaj
Created Nov 14 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Industrial
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 16863

This location is a small rectangular building that seems to be the only remaining portion of a giant building. This location can be seen from the QEW and can be identified by the circular window with a bird-shaped piece missing(see picture). On the backside of the building, there is plenty of spray paint from those who were there prior including Antifa(Antifa wannabes) as well as the entrance to the building. However, this entrance is blocked by a massive boulder as well as a barricade so it will take some elbow grease to get in, how they managed to position it there is beyond me. Nothing too special about the inside except for the if you wanna call it spectacular view of the highway. The power also works in this building. I hope the boulder is still in the way I left it so that others can get in.

Latlng: (43.463333, -79.680278)


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avatar of UrbexNorth
UrbexNorth This building is the office portion of the former General Electric manufacturing plant that was on the rest of the property. It operated from 1946 to 2010. They manufactured incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs there. The office building was designated a heritage building by the town in 2011.
Nov 21 2020