Latlng: (43.465529, -79.674454)

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A1 Air Conditioning

Discovered by D Explore
Created Dec 06 2012
Recent status Being Demolished
Category Commercial
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 5934

The semi-charred remains of A1 Air Conditioning's head office and industrial shop. The building was partially destroyed by a fire that started on a rooftop deck used by employees to smoke cigarettes. The fire department was able to get the blaze under control but the building was badly damaged and A1 moved to a new office so the building has been left abandoned since July 2011. A van was also destroyed in the blaze. I personally watched the building go up and was driving by exactly as the employees were running from the building. I got out of my truck to see if anyone needed assistance and when the fire department and police arrived they cleared everyone from the road in front and from nearby businesses for fears that there might be explosions from the tanks of HVAC chemicals stored in the warehouse. Watching the van go up with its exploding tires and the hydro wires bursting with loud sparks was thrilling. Thankfully there were no injuries. The building sits abandoned possibly due to a drawn out insurance claim process exactly as it stood when the fire was put out and at this time there is still no electrical service and the property grounds have not been maintained.

Latlng: (43.465529, -79.674454)


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avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL Went to check this out tonight and couldn't find any way in. We noticed two cameras pointed right at us so we got the hell out of there. Didn't get to snag any photos.
Feb 27 2013
avatar of senorchang
senorchang As of Feb. 23rd this is under demolition, and there is no second floor.
Feb 24 2013