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2 Into 1 On Sixth Line


Discovered by superss
Created Mar 01 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Oakville, Ontario
Location # 6359
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There have been a few houses I have been keeping an eye on since a little before Christmas. I have been waiting for one of two things to happen, either the local kids would explore the home or the homes would be posted on this site.

It appears neither has happened. The two homes are boarded up pretty good & there is no obvious signs of intrusion by kids, unless the property owners keep resealing the place. They are two homes, that at first glance aren't particularly my style, so that's why I hadn't investigated them yet, but recently decided I might as well.

The land was originally owned by Isaac Freeman, who owned lot 16 from north of Dundas to Burnhamthorpe along the west side of Sixth Line. Isaac & his brother Clarkson were veterans of the War of 1812 & they served under General Isaac Brock. Lot 16 was deeded to Isaac Freeman in 1804 & he settled it in 1818. Other than the history of Freeman's original ownership of the land, these particular homes have no historical value or relationship to him or anything else.

There must have been sales on roofing sheets, because these homes have more "boarding up" wood on them than any other homes I've seen. I checked out the ranch at 3130 Sixth Line, it looks much larger than I originally thought & has some large (boarded up) windows & walkouts to a fairly large deck on a one acre lot. The home looks nicer than I thought, well kept & I have become intrigued about the interior. There was an unlocked door to the garage, that led to an internal locked door to the house that wasn't boarded up. I assume that is the way the owners would access the house. The bungalow at 3108 is not as attractive of a home & seems to be boarded up even more. I was running short of time and I expected much of the same at that house so I just took a few quick external pictures of the 3108 home.

Lots of boarding up for a couple of homes that are going to be demolished for the new owners proposed building. The new owners are Viva Retirement Corp. & they are proposing a 6 story, 177 Suite Retirement Community, with a pub, pool, lounge, games room, etc., etc. Sounds fun, I might sneak in once it's completed.

Left FM because no vandalism & I have no clue what's in there yet.

Latlng: (43.482116, -79.733361)


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superss It was a nice day for it. Last time by the bigger house there was a truck in the driveway. I haven't been by in the last few weeks.

May 06 2013  • 0 like(s)

filper I love the framing and light on these. Perfect day.

May 06 2013  • 0 like(s)

SuperSonic was gonna ask why this place would be boarded up.....but then I saw the later photos.

Mar 02 2013  • 0 like(s)