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Latlng: (43.59227, -81.07822)

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North Perth

Monkton Train Station


Discovered by mobileworks
Created May 22 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category Railway
City North Perth, Ontario
Location # 4813

Owned by Machan Construction and used for repair of their trucks for a number of years. This train station circa. 1890's, was originally on Mill St.[by the grain elevator] by the once railway tracks. Machon moved it here, used it, then forgot about it . There is a machine shop on the original site. Monkton was originally called Winstanley by Edward Winstanley. He changed it to Monkton in 1858.

Latlng: (43.59227, -81.07822)


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diperdog460 As of 2012 it has been demolished :(

Mar 02 2015

cl2brown Does anyone know if this station is still standing? Went out a few weeks ago to check it out and couldn't find it where it's shown to be on the map!

Jul 29 2013

quiksilver i love old train stations, my dad grew up in a number of them, a couple of the towns he grew up in are on this site, coldwell and jackfish, hearing his stories made a real soft spot in my heart for stations, too bad this one is in such disrepair, sad to see them go.

May 25 2012

mobileworks @punchbowl , I know , they took the trouble to move it here, for this ?? The county should have bought it instead , they have taxpayer money to keep it up , haha.

May 23 2012

punchbowl Great old train station!! - too bad that they are not fixed to their original state!!! - from an era long gone!!

May 23 2012
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Cool old building!

May 23 2012