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Latlng: (43.5994, -81.04032)

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North Perth



Discovered by mobileworks
Created Apr 15 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City North Perth, Ontario
Location # 4490

Allright, this one was odd. There were several windows and doors missing, a window being made into a door but no vandalism.No trashed walls etc., just construction rubble. Is it just me or should you wait to take out the old windows before the new ones are on site? and the doors? I don't know , maybe he found some catastrophic problem while renovating[the front step?] that send him on his way? A new pedestal sink, soaker tub in the upstairs bathroom addition left, and no windows. Two washers and a dryer in the basement, newer electrical,and no windows. Amazing condition considering its 80% open to the elements. Floors/stairs solid for now . Big brick house[3 floors] with a wood addition, big barn and garage to check out and farely secluded . Newspapers in the basement dated 2011. UPDATE >> MAY 20, 2012 LEVELLED , GONE :( <<

Latlng: (43.5994, -81.04032)


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ground state Great shot where you have the multicolored shed out the back and the washing machine framed in the same angle. Hope that pedestal sink was rescued before the demolition.

Nov 13 2012

mobileworks 2 LATE 4 , 5678 . Drove by May 20, 2012 and appears farmer sledgehammer had reduced it to ruble. I am sure he had his reasons but seems like a lot of work for just a little more seeding area. GrEat set Adriana, your pics speak.

May 21 2012

Derelict Compositions Thanks Mobile! That raccoon was awesome!

May 01 2012

mobileworks @Derelict , Xcellent pics, I see the racoon was still there lol, and not much damage yet.

Apr 30 2012

mobileworks @dallas1983 There are a few things to be saved and I'm sure in that barn addition at the very back, as well. No one bothered me .

Apr 15 2012

kking Very odd place indeed!

Apr 15 2012

mobileworks @dallas1983, Ya you would think the old owner or the farmer thats clearing the area would have grabbed that [recoup a few hundred bucks anyway]. Not having the traditional peek in the centre of the roof looks odd as well. Looks like, maybe he took on too many projects at once. Still can be saved.

Apr 15 2012