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Latlng: (43.813723, -80.993731)

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North Perth

Glenn's Hoarder Farmhouse


Discovered by trailblazer519
Created May 28 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City North Perth, Ontario
Location # 7958

Glenn was a hoarder and ran a small video business. I would say he left about 5-10 yrs ago. There's hardly any floor space to walk around in here as the house is packed with antique furniture, appliances, personal belongings and crap. There's soo much to see here inside the house and outside. This was another 3 hr explore. Glenn was also into Nascar, sports, racing motorcycles and meeting porn stars. The property is also cluttered with cool junk from stoves from every generation (the best one is in the house) to old cars and antique farm equipment, tractor trailers, a mobile camper and an old bus. The highlight of this location for me (aside from the boobies :-P) is the classic cars, and there's many. As neat as it is to see these decaying old cars - it makes me sad to see such classics just rotting away in a field. There is a No Tres sign there so keep your senses honed while there as there really is no where else to park but at the house. These photos are also from 2 months ago.

*I'm in the middle of a move so I only posted a small gallery for now as I wanted to get the loc'n up. Will add more photos soon :)

Latlng: (43.813723, -80.993731)


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trailblazer519 Demolished..

Mar 31 2014

trailblazer519 Wow your right doom, what a difference in the short time since I was there. Almost everything is gone, all the old cars and junk.. all gone. Even the barn foundation is gone. All the land is cleared and new crops planted already. Wouldn't even know anything was there. Inside the house looks like its being prepped for restoration. I'll put up before and after picks soon..

Jun 22 2013

trailblazer519 Huh - ya the excavator was there and some land was cleared and trees cut when I was there. Hmm, will have to check it out.

Jun 01 2013

doom vs Trail I think this place is on the way out. The only thing left is the house. The front door is gone, it looks empty or near empty and the surrounding land is leveled. There is an excavator front and center. Almost didn't recognize it.

Jun 01 2013

drunkenmunky420 you struck gold what a great place can't wait to see some more from the inside

May 28 2013

f.o.s. You're quite the little hoarder yourself trail, holding on to all these gems for weeks lmao !! Thanks for sharing in the middle of your moving chaos :)

May 28 2013

No Access great find

May 28 2013

doom vs A rewarding little area for spots it would seem. Goes to show that you can find gold anywhere.

May 28 2013