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Latlng: (43.731821, -80.872751)

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North Perth

A North Perth Vacancy


Discovered by trailblazer519
Created Jul 22 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City North Perth, Ontario
Location # 8272

I had found this one at night a while back but had forgotten all about it until I stumbled upon it again last week. It doesn't appear to have been empty too long, less than 10 yrs? For a house partially wide open it's in decent shape. No vandalism or graffiti. I'm guessing it's circa early 1900s. An addition was added on the back. Its empty, nothing left behind. It appears to have been stripped of some things, maybe re-used or sold off by the owner. The grass seems to be cut, maybe the large red shed behind the house is still used for storage by a farmer. I didn't check it. I liked the basement. Large split trees with bark still on them for floor joists. The kitchen floor dips in the center.

I was fascinated by the size of the tree by the road, it was huge! At least 8-10 ft in diameter. Its gotta be 300 yrs old..

Latlng: (43.731821, -80.872751)


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trailblazer519 Darn, thanks for the update Chelsea..

Feb 17 2020

chelseadclxvi Demolished, I reckon

Feb 16 2020

Motleykiwi I'm pretty sure this house is gone now.

Jun 30 2018

miohmio What a terrific place! It looks like it's huge with lots of rooms and doors. Too bad it's been left to the elements.

Jul 24 2013

trailblazer519 There are close neighbours on the other side of the road and also vehicles driving by, know one bothered me during the hour or so that I was there. There's a few odd unfinished paint jobs here.

Jul 23 2013

f.o.s. Great place trail! The grass does seem to be maintained by someone, are neighbors close by? And that awful paint job inside! Do you think maybe the work of squatters at one time?

Jul 23 2013

mike6639 Nice Find!!!

Jul 23 2013