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Latlng: (45.03006, -75.611877)

The Dot


Discovered by fiso
Created Aug 13 2016
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City North Grenville, Ontario
Location # 13827
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The former home of a driving range and mini-putt. That effort seems to have lasted until about 2009, where overheads would indicate neither the mini-putt nor the driving range were being maintained. In 2012, "Real Deal Paintball" set up shop and, as there is no way paintball and charbroiled burgers can successfully coexist, this enterprise was not long for the world, disappearing a little more than a year after opening.

Now, a large lot on the outskirts of a rapidly growing community just outside of Ottawa sits vacant and unused. What remains is decaying infrastructure reminiscent of so many parks and other outdoor recreational areas. The tee-offs are unrecognizable, buried in vegetation, while the mini-putt course has, much like a shipwreck, become an ecosystem in and of itself. If someone set up one of those Pokémon GO sites (really??), this place may have a future.

Latlng: (45.03006, -75.611877)


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mobileworks It's actually a pretty challenging course now.

Aug 15 2016  • 0 like(s)