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Widdifield Fire Tower - Climb Me

Album uploaded by clay70

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Unknown location discovered by clay70 on Nov 07 2009

Climb Me - Widdifield-Fire-Tower10.jpg
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Joe Two Rivers climbs Widdifield Tower (called Pike Tower on the show) to nab a murderer in the dead of winter.

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From the tv show in 1965. International orange was used on North Bay District fire towers to warn incoming planes- this tower was located near the airport too.

Climb Me - Widdifield-Fire-Tower8.jpg
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The tower was an 80 ft light steel tower until 1959 when a 100 footer replaced it.

Climb Me - Widdifield-Fire-Tower7.jpg
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Mary Kennedy ran the tower in the 1950s

Climb Me - Widdifield-Fire-Tower6.jpg
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The tower without its cupola as it looks today. A radio intenna has been placed ontop by the OPP.