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Norfolk County

You Were But A Ghost In My Arms

Norfolk County, Ontario

Location Owner doom vs
Creation Date Sep 02 2014
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Norfolk County, Ontario
Site number #11016

Some things are made rarer by the fact that they are only enjoyed once. This location is one of those things. In good company, we four had an itinerary marked out for the day which included some hits and some it goes. This hit will certainly be missed. En route to our targets we freestyled, enjoying the late summer day. The excitement we all feel when the usual signs of decay are spotted had us salivating as we approached this well hidden house. With nowhere to park and at a busy rural intersection, we went for it. Dispensing with initial exteriors, we dove right in (the house didn't lend itself well to exteriors anyways due to overgrowth and trees). We cycled through the rooms, speaking in hushed tones about the beautiful decay. While in an upstairs bedroom I spotted a pickup truck slowing down as it passed by. As it seemed inevitable that our explore would be cut short, I quickly took the remaining shots I wanted while waiting for our guest. One of our group whispered that a person was indeed coming in to the house. The usual questions were asked, with the usual answers given. No anger on his part, just fear of liability. The exchange was curt and did not lend itself to our gleaning any history of the place. Defeated, we filed out to our vehicle and made our way to the next destination. We don't know if a neighbor called us out or if he was simply passing by at an inopportune time for us. Regardless, the speed with which he kiboshed our visit leads one to consider that he lives very close by. As his good nature might be a finite well to draw from, it is best to avoid this location and thus the coords are hidden. We never did get any exteriors................................................Mobileworks adds: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> In retrospect, being dropped off here would be best. I have no idea why the owner has his knickers in a knot over this biohazard. The shed explored only in front apartment and no access to the rest of it from there. I was in here when the owner showed up and he was yelling and swearing at mobileworks base intel. I heard him yelling, he better not be in the house. Really? When I heard that I came out of the shed through the thick bushes. The owner, saw me and quickly got back in his truck and left. That was odd. Tobacco huts in various decay. The house is not visible from the road and barely from Google Earth*. Calendar from 2000 in Spanish? Flyers on UNOPENED fridge, lol, from 2002. The house looked to have a regular family but the shed was probably for workers. MASK . Living room flooded and now frozen like an ice rink. Records strewn, one a Canadian pressing in London.

Latlng: (42.937052, -80.429730)


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avatar of haunter91
haunter91 As of July 2019 this house is demolished. :(
Sep 08 2019
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Was in the area, galleries got. Frozen floor in living room now, summer will be fun?
Feb 21 2018
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Gorgeous
Sep 04 2014
avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN Nice one.
Sep 02 2014