Latlng: (42.845480, -80.146646)

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Norfolk County

Cars With a Chance of Carcass

Norfolk County, Ontario

Location Owner f.o.s.
Creation Date Aug 08 2013
Status Abandoned
Category Barn
Location Norfolk County, Ontario
Site number #9340

Me: "Hey, look at that place, looks like a barn over there" GS: "Huh, doesn't look like there's anything else over there, slow down" Me: "Is it on the map?" GS: "Nope, next one says it's a kilometer away" Me: "Ya, must be nothing, I would have marked it on the map" GS: "Yup, let's skip it" 2 minutes later..... Me: "GS, where is this place?? This one looks active!" GS: "Oooo, hmmm, map says it's back that way" 2 minutes later..... Me: "Huh, does THIS look familiar GS!?!" In all fairness, Ground State makes an excellent navigator...99.44% of the time LOL! We were pleasantly surprised by the small gems found here, but left the barn unexplored for the next traveler. .......GPS was wrong corrected to address in gallery.-Mworks.

Latlng: (42.845480, -80.146646)


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avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Address was right[in gallery] GPS was wrong , fixed.
Aug 10 2016
avatar of ground state
ground state Vulture for sure.. a definite first for me, and quite possibly never to be repeated.
Aug 09 2013
avatar of clay70
clay70 turkey vultures?
Aug 08 2013
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Nice job GS, friggin love that color pop
Aug 08 2013