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The Screaming Heads - 2nd Visit. 10/10

Album uploaded by ishootthings

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Active location discovered by timo explorer on Oct 23 2011

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4703691.jpg
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The circle as I call it. Id love to see a massive fire here.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4704tfS.jpg
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A stage for the Harvest Festival.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4705LJH.jpg
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The outer ring.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4706kQw.jpg
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The grave marker heads. Id be down.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4707teG.jpg
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Only one of the small trees by the graves that had a jewel out of 3.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4708JAc.jpg
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The artists gate wasnt open last time I was here with Pikaswed420. It was also a real grey day and was spiting.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4709cvN.jpg
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2020 screaming trees. FRESH. The castle styling and the heads on top. OMG. THIS PLACE IS LIKE ANOTHER WORLD. On the right, is a small white thing on a ledge on the top level. I think the BBQ man was up there in his spare time crushing beers.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4710rzR.jpg
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The amazingly overgrown rear of Peters house. Wow.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4711RfQ.jpg
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Far side gate.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4712JXI.jpg
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Far side of zee house.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4716HqB.jpg
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Is it 2 or 3 headed? I think 2...

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4718DNA.jpg
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The front of Midlothian Castle.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4755t1l.jpg
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2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4756zmT.jpg
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Peters house is ALL about the details.

2nd Visit. 10/10 - IMG_4753hdC.jpg
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Driveway to the Castle proper. The path to the front was there. I got told to walk past the people with the private event sign like they are "a bunch of animals"