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Niagara On The Lake
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Jackson-Triggs Winery Ruins

Niagara On The Lake, Ontario

Location Owner ground state
Creation Date Sep 08 2012
Status Abandoned
Category Commercial
Location Niagara On The Lake, Ontario
Site number #5366

As the first photo implies, this was supposed to be an exploration of a full farm bordering on the property of Jackson-Triggs. Unfortunately the house, garage and most of the items in the yard have been removed and cleaned up, leaving only an old stable and silo. A second nearby abandonment (43.240843, -79.089310) enticed me deeper onto the Jackson-Triggs land, snapping photos along the way.


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avatar of niagaraexploration
niagaraexploration if you go deeper into the forest theres a random ... i guess you could say "wishing well" it looked to be brick and the roof over had cedar shakes, but i couldent get close enough to tell, or to tell if it was in fact a real well (i went there in the spring and there was alot of water and i wasent in the mood for wet feet :)
Sep 27 2012
avatar of kev7716
kev7716 Nice , reminds me of the days my mother use to send me and my brother out to pick grapes .
Sep 08 2012